About Me

Since August 2018 I am engaged as a Service and UX designer at inUse in Stockholm. 

Areas of Interest
My main areas of interest are in User Experience (UX), Service design and Interaction design.  I am trained in facilitating creative processes practicing a wide range of ideation and innovation methods. My superiors and colleagues often refer to me as being a happy,  analytical and curious person that gets things done.

After being professionally engaged in communication, PR  and Sustainable development issues for 16 years I chose to deepen my digital skills at Hyper Island in Stockholm (Mobile Creative Programme) in 2016.

At Hyper Island I gained knowledge in how to create effective teams and develop digital concepts with viable business potential. I had the opportunity to work with real world cases in cooperation with Scandinavian Arlines, Volvo, Procter & Gamble, UNICEF, Sveriges Television, Transdev and Ernst & Young in London.

Communications professional
I have been professionally engaged in the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), the Swedish Institute and other public agencies as well as environmental NGO:s in Sweden and in Africa. I have a personal interest for both digital communication and sustainable development issues. That is why I previously spent a year in Tanzania, working with science communication and chose to focus my Master thesis on calculating flood risks in Vietnam.